Thursday, December 12, 2013

The First Step...

 Tutu Skit: loft (almost sold out)  Plaid Shirt:Target (old but similar here)  Faux Leather Jacket:H&M (sold out but similar here)  Shoes: Aldo (sold out but similar here) Necklace:Ebay(similar here) Bracelets:Vince Camuto, Yurman, Forever 21 Rings:Forever 21 (similar here)  Watch:Michael Kors (similar here)

Well the first outfit post is here!! YAY!! finally this blog has been big a dream of mine for a long time and again finally I took the "FIRST STEP".  I want all of you guys to fall in love with Style Harem like I did. This blog represents everything about me from my style, to my take on fashion, to just rocking it everyday in the most fashionable way I know how. I could not say enough THANK YOU' s to the ones that believed in me the most and our behind me 100%, SO THANK YOU!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!

So enough about this mushy stuff, on to the outfit my friends. This tutu skirt don't you just love!! I found this bad boy at the loft and I got it on SALE (yippie)! Oh that's one thing you guys will learn about me, I love to find great deals. The plaid shirt, target!! who does not love that place? Go in for one thing come out with bags! Leather Jacket H&M, was a gift from the sis. NOW lets move over, one would say "I HAVE A MAJOR PROBLEM" if its cute, big, and full of fun, put in the bag and tell me how much? My accessories vary, the ones I have one all range from Ebay to Forever21.

 Today's post might be quite long but its my "FIRST" so bare with me. I just want all my viewers and potential viewers to know that this blog is my from my true love and obsession with all things clothing, accessories and shoes. Its taken a long time and a big push to get me here but I'm here. After being a avid blog lover and still am today. I told myself as well as hundreds of others telling me to start my own, I finally got the first post up and I hope you guys will enjoy Style Harem like I love I do. 

           The Harem