Monday, January 27, 2014

Tortoise Shell and Leather Combo...

Faux Leather Skirt: Zara (Got on Sale but similar here). Cream Leather Sweater: The Limited (Got on Sale but similar here). Leopard Kitten Heels: Zara (last season but similar here and love this pair here).  Leather Bracelet w/gold hardware: Tj Maxx find (but similar here). Cable Bracelet: David Yurman. Tortoise Shell Bracelet: Fossil but found it at Tj Maxx (similar here). Watch:MK (love this one here). H Bracelet. Zig Zag Ring: Forever 21(similar here). 2 Headed Spike Bracelet: Forever 21. Tortoise Shell Necklaces: Tj maxx (layered but similar here and here).

I have a little writers block so bare with me wasn't sure what to name this post or really what I was gonna talk about so bare with me this post might be a tad shorter than normal.

So let me start off with the outfit, as you all know I love mixing textures and prints but sometimes I like doing the same texture on each other. This skirt was seriously a omg! moment for me when I saw it online on Zara. But it was kinda pricey so I took it back but then couple weeks Zara was having a sale and BOOM! I saw it and I knew I couldn't pass it up again especially for the price this time. Yes! little things like that make my day. Yesterday for instance at H&M got two belts for a dollar yes! a dollar and they were originally 30 a piece. So call me a dork but love a little buried treasures and finds or like getting to the register and its cheaper then you thought. What little shopping finds make you happy? Do you guys get just as excited when you score something great? What great finds have you found lately?


             The Harem

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Road To Nowhere.....

Flare Jeans: Charlotte Russe (Really Really Old but love this style here). Printed blouse: Tj Maxx   Find (but similar here and here). Fur Vest: Forever 21(similar version here). Gold Tassle Necklace: Forever 21 (similar version here). Wish Bone Necklace: Forever 21(sold out but similar here). Hoops: Random Find ( similar here). Suede Clutch: Forever 21 (Got on Sale but similar here). Hat: Forever 21( similar version here). Claw Bracelet: Ebay (similar version here). Spike Brown Leather Bracelet: Tj Maxx Find (similar here). Clogs: Charlotte Russe (Really Old but similar version here). Lips: Mac "Creme De Nude".

Before I start on this post wanted to give my sister a big shot out who put this shot together. Despite all the windy weather in Florida, we still managed to accomplish such a great outfit post. So hope you guys enjoy the pictures. I purposely put more pictures than usual.

So on to the post today....this outfit was really all inspired by my surroundings to tell you the truth. I tend to do that a lot. Weird  for some but normal to others, as some would say " dressing for the occasion". I love the feel that you can look so glamorous while your road is possibly to nowhere (lol) hint the title. The Hat and the Fur Vest really seem to put this boho look into over drive and to tell you the truth every time I put this hat on it makes me feel like JLo (lol). Im a dork what can I say. I Love doing Bohemian looks summer, fall, winter, whenever I deem it the perfect time. I Love how the accents of  this particular style require chunkier details of  pulling the outfit together. Really its just an excuse to wear this floppy hat, flare jeans, and clogs. So do you guys care for this Bohemian style? How do you guys wear your Bohemian styles in different seasons?


            The Harem

Thursday, January 23, 2014


 Tweed Jacket: Zara (old) but funky version I love here). Off white blouse: Old Navy. Necklace: Ebay (but love this one here). Watch: Citizen (similar here). Bracelets: Yurman, Tj maxx (similar here), Spike bracelet: Forever 21. Cream Bracelet w/Gold hardware: Tj maxx (but similar here). Y Bag. Gold Metallic Shoes: Joan & David (Nordstrom but similar here ON SALE too).  Lips: Mac "Snob"

When I think of tweed it always makes me think of the girls in Clueless, I don't know why you ask but it does. The girls were kinda stuck up, kinda bratty and real snobby. So you cant help but feel kinda snobby when you put on a tweed jacket right? (lol)  or this could just be me. I love how tweed can dress up or dress down the simplest outfits. This particular tweed jacket was again one of my Zara random sale find. I had been looking for one for quite some time after I saw one of my all time favorite bloggers Altantic Pacfic wear it all unison, in pink. But what was different about this particular tweed jacket was it was light weight and long, so I had to have of course. And like I said tweed dressed down or up looks so effortless and classy. Oh and what else better then a title like "Snob" to name today's post with (Lol).

My accessories and shoes are almost always my key in tying an outfit together just ask anyone I know and they will tell you. Those are my go to pieces for me to vamp up any outfit. These metallic shoes again another hunt for me. FYI you might see that I use "hunt" quite often but for me it really is a hunt because if I have something in my mind set on how I want it to look or feel or whatever it may be then I don't ever settle. I Look and Look till I find what I have envisioned (call me a freak but its all about perfection). But back to the shoes I saw these in Nordstrom but they didn't have my size so looked up the brand and wha-la found them on Amazon on SALE if I might add. So Ladies moral to this just keep on a hunting. (LoL)

PS. For me simple things such as a mannequin store front displays, magazine ads, fashion bloggers or even day to day people can trigger and inspiration for me. So with that being said, I have finally made my Pinterest. Its still a work in progress but go take a look and maybe you to can get inspired.

             The Harem

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wine Lust....

 Coat: H&M (Old on Sale but loving this one here). Leather Dress: The Limited (last season but similar here). Shoes: Forever 21(sold out but similar here). Necklace: Tjmaxx(but this one will get the job done). Bracelets: Michael Kors tortoises shell, Hermes, David Yurman, Forever 21 spike Bracelet.

As the weather cooled down here in Florida I found it the best time to bust out my faux leather things, for instance peplums, jackets, skirts and of course this dress. You see with Florida weather you cant wear things like this 24/7, why because leather and heat do not mix. This dress was a hunt. I looked high and low for a faux leather dress this color. The wine color to me was a great accent to the ugly cold weather. So why not pair it with a rockin coat. This coat was again one of my rare finds for me. I was in Boston when I got this coat and I lucked out because a) it was on sale and b) the coat i had on was just not doing anything for me so I used that excuse and lucked out and got this bad boy. Coats like this are always essentials. It might not stay always stay cold here for longs period of time but its a key essential piece to have for the cold months. What are your essential pieces for the cold months? Do you guys have essential pieces you like to buy or wear?

             The Harem

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Its a Fur Thing....

Cream Blouse: Old Navy (similar here). Black Fur Vest: Forever 21(Sold out but similar here). Black Panel Leather Legging: Cotton On (similar here). Heels: Aldo (similar ones on Sale). Bag: Channel. Watch: Michael Kors. Tiger Bracelet: Forever 21 (similar one here). Black and Gold Bracelet: Ebay (similar one here). Necklace: Forever 21 (similar one here). 2 Headed Spike Necklace: Forever 21.  Lips: Mac Ruby Woo.

No one can go wrong with Black Fur and Leather. That's like a no brainier. I always share with you guys my lovely finds because honestly I feel that its important to know that there is great things out there you just gotta hunt for it. For instance this Black Fur vest that was such a score at Forever. When I got it that I wanted to wear almost everyday that it was cold here in Florida but I told myself that's a little obsessive. The thrill of finding great pieces at such great prices still amazes me to this day. I always try to make my cheaper pieces all mesh well with each other and throw in a couple of my pricey pieces and BOOM you look like a million bucks. This outfit as you see listed I think maybe all together (not including the bag) cost me about 100 something bucks. Sometimes ladies ask me "So where do you get your stuff"? "How much did that cost you"? But honestly I really don't have a certain "SPOT" I like to really go anywhere really. I might say this a lot on my blog but I feel like its important. But why not look like a million bucks and know that you didn't spend a million (LOL) that's my motto. So where do you guys shop? Do you guys shop everywhere? Do you like to spend a lot on pricey pieces things and save on other things? Whats your shopping tricks?

             The Harem

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Leopard Fur......

Leopard Fur Coat: Forever 21 (old but similar here). Denim Shirt: Old Navy (old but similar here). Black Sweater: Old Navy. Boyfriend Jeans: Gap. Shoes: Tj Maxx (but love this one here). Bag:Channel. Monogram Necklace: Max&Chloe. Pearl Necklace: Ebay (but similar here) Sunglasses: Guess. Watch: MK. Nail Bracelet: Cartier. H bracelet: Hermes. Cable Bracelet: David Yurman. Gold Cuff Hinge Bracelet: Hermes.

Finally a really cold day in Florida. Now I know what you guys are saying Florida get cold?...Well Yes, Yes it does and it can get real cold. So you can imagine how excited I was to finally bust out this Leopard Fur coat. This Fur coat was a buried gem at Forever 21 for me. I was eying all last season for a leopard fur coat after everybody and there mothers were wearing them. And all I came across were the expensive versions but then I found this, its like my prayers were answered and you can not believe my excitement. Again I'm all for inspired pieces, I have mentioned this times again. So call this an inspired piece or not it still gets the job done.

I love the fact that just a simple outfit can be dressed up just some simple essentials. That's the key really to any outfit I think to really spazz it up. What simple essentials do you guys add to spazz up an outfit?

              The Harem

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Big Cat Roars.....

Tiger Sweater: Forever 21+. Skirt: H&M (on sale now). Booties: DSW (old but similar here). Bracelets: Random finds in New York on a visit (but similar here, here, and here). Rings: Forever21. Sunglasses: Guess (On Sale but similar here). Clutch: Forever 21 (On Sale but similar here).

Mixing prints always amaze me. I love testing things and seeing if it works. My motto is if it matches and it looks good, then go for it. Its good to mix up your everyday pieces with some of your funkier pieces I call it.

So this funky tiger sweater when I first saw, I just knew I had to have it. It also reminds me of an inspired piece that is way pricier. Like I have mentioned before I'm always about getting a good deal but I always love those inspired pieces. Call it look alike, inspired, wanna be, or whatever you call it, I always find inspired pieces can do the same job but for pennies less. Again it always goes back to what you love and what your comfortable in. So what do you guys think of inspired pieces? Love them? Hate them? Not sure what to take on inspired pieces?

               The Harem

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Plaid meet Denim and Leather....

 Plaid Skirt: Target. Shirt: Vintage but similar here. Denim Jacket: Target. Bag: H&M. Booties: Forever 21 (similar one here). Ring: Garage Sale Find. Gold Watch:MK. "H" bracelet. 2head spike bracelet: Forever 21 (similar here). Monogram necklace: Moon&Lola. Lipstick:MAC Lady Danger.

When this crazy plaid trend first came out on the scene, I have to say I was hesitant. Why? you ask well for some this plaid trend almost always goes back to a Catholic school girl or Brittany Spears or a naughty Halloween costume so you see the reason why I was hesitant. I wanted to mix it up, so I paired it with some edgy shoes and a edgy jacket to make the plaid more edgy versus having people think of the school girl plaid trend. For you guys who haven't plunged into this plaid trend, what do you guys think of it? Will you guys try it?

Just one more thing....Don't you guys just love Target?....I mean I just love them can't go in there and just come out with grocery's, I literally have to come out with everything I see...but Target's got Style :) 

PS: Excuse my face in the first shot, I just couldn't get my facial expressions right. (lol)

             The Harem

Monday, January 6, 2014

Boyfriend Jeans....

Boyfriend Jeans: Asos. White Tee: Old Navy. Cropped Jacket: Mango (old but similar here). Boots: Zara (old but similar here). Bag: Zara (sale but love this one too). Watch: MK (Last seen here). Spike leather bracelet: Tjmaxx random find but (similar here). Rings: H&M (sold out but similar here). Spike Bracelet: Forever 21(similar here).Necklace: Random Find (but similar here) Leather w/gold hardware bracelet: Random find (but similar here). Evil eye bracelet: Ebay. Leather nude bracelet: Tjmaxx find (but similar here). Earrings: Charlotte Russe (old but similar here). Lipstick: MAC Creme de Nude.

Omg!! So who doesn't love a good pair of boyfriend jeans....Well halleluiah!!..I love them, they are so so comfortable. Cropped, long, light-wash, dark wash whatever your preference may be. You need to own at least one in your life. I seriously think sometimes these are the answer to every girls dilemma when she doesn't really feel like putting skinny jeans on and she isn't really wanting to try too hard.

So these boots I found these bad boys at Zara. I wanna say, last fall and can you believe I almost pasted them up, I just couldn't believe it. I love these because I feel that these boots are so versatile. So another random find was this jacket I was in New York and stopped into Mango because YES they were having a SALE and who can resist. Sometimes these stores like Mango, Zara and other stores can be kinda pricey on someones well heck anyone's budget and I'm always about finding a great deal, makes me feel less guilty that way (LOL) at least that's what I tell myself.

For me its real simple if I love it and I gotta have it Ill buy it, if its something I can wait on, they Ill wait. But for me I think dressing up isn't something you gotta spend thousands of dollars on. Okay... and I know those investment pieces you do but those are different. The general rule for me at least is if you love it and you like it and its reasonable..GO FOR IT AND GET IT!.

              The Harem