Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Big Cat Roars.....

Tiger Sweater: Forever 21+. Skirt: H&M (on sale now). Booties: DSW (old but similar here). Bracelets: Random finds in New York on a visit (but similar here, here, and here). Rings: Forever21. Sunglasses: Guess (On Sale but similar here). Clutch: Forever 21 (On Sale but similar here).

Mixing prints always amaze me. I love testing things and seeing if it works. My motto is if it matches and it looks good, then go for it. Its good to mix up your everyday pieces with some of your funkier pieces I call it.

So this funky tiger sweater when I first saw, I just knew I had to have it. It also reminds me of an inspired piece that is way pricier. Like I have mentioned before I'm always about getting a good deal but I always love those inspired pieces. Call it look alike, inspired, wanna be, or whatever you call it, I always find inspired pieces can do the same job but for pennies less. Again it always goes back to what you love and what your comfortable in. So what do you guys think of inspired pieces? Love them? Hate them? Not sure what to take on inspired pieces?

               The Harem