Friday, January 24, 2014

The Road To Nowhere.....

Flare Jeans: Charlotte Russe (Really Really Old but love this style here). Printed blouse: Tj Maxx   Find (but similar here and here). Fur Vest: Forever 21(similar version here). Gold Tassle Necklace: Forever 21 (similar version here). Wish Bone Necklace: Forever 21(sold out but similar here). Hoops: Random Find ( similar here). Suede Clutch: Forever 21 (Got on Sale but similar here). Hat: Forever 21( similar version here). Claw Bracelet: Ebay (similar version here). Spike Brown Leather Bracelet: Tj Maxx Find (similar here). Clogs: Charlotte Russe (Really Old but similar version here). Lips: Mac "Creme De Nude".

Before I start on this post wanted to give my sister a big shot out who put this shot together. Despite all the windy weather in Florida, we still managed to accomplish such a great outfit post. So hope you guys enjoy the pictures. I purposely put more pictures than usual.

So on to the post today....this outfit was really all inspired by my surroundings to tell you the truth. I tend to do that a lot. Weird  for some but normal to others, as some would say " dressing for the occasion". I love the feel that you can look so glamorous while your road is possibly to nowhere (lol) hint the title. The Hat and the Fur Vest really seem to put this boho look into over drive and to tell you the truth every time I put this hat on it makes me feel like JLo (lol). Im a dork what can I say. I Love doing Bohemian looks summer, fall, winter, whenever I deem it the perfect time. I Love how the accents of  this particular style require chunkier details of  pulling the outfit together. Really its just an excuse to wear this floppy hat, flare jeans, and clogs. So do you guys care for this Bohemian style? How do you guys wear your Bohemian styles in different seasons?


            The Harem