Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Totally RAD...

Black and White Bomber Jacket: Express (On Sale Now). T-Shirt: Express. Track Pants: Target. Shoes: Zara (Got on Sale but similar here). Bag: Zara (Got on Sale but similar here). Black Bracelet w/silver hardware: Random Find (but similar here). Nail Bracelet: Cartier. Watch: MK (similar here). Spike Cuff: Forever 21. Rings: H&M.

Well I hope everyone had a good weekend and I know its kinda weird saying that on a Tuesday but I was a little under the weather on Monday so hence the reason why I'm posting on Tuesday. Went to the Food and Wine Festival here in Orlando and I have to say I had a really great time. Hung out with some friends and family. All in all I'll probably do it again next year. Got to experiment with a lot of new types of wines and got to taste some great food. And no one can pass those two up. Right?

So moving on from my weekend and on to this post I vouched for a comfy slash sporty slash still a little edgy. I love how these track pants or hammer pants whatever you guys might call them, are a real staple in a women's wardrobe. Throw on a great graphic tee, some fun shoes and boom there you have an outfit. With these pants well not these in particular ones but this style they come in all sorts of colors, prints and textures. Some might think these aren't versatile but here in Florida or really anywhere there light weight and can go either dressy or casual.So with this being said how are you guys liking these pants? Would you guys wear them? Oh and  how was your guys weekend? Do anything fun?


            THE HAREM

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bench Side....

Dress: Tjmaxx Find (similar here and edgy one here). Jacket: H&M (sold out but similar here). Shoes: Zara (old but similar here). Necklace: Random Find (craving this one here). Watch: MK (similar here). Spike Cuff: Forever 21. "H" bracelet: Hermes. Nail Bracelet: Cartier. Lips: MAC Lady Danger.

Happy Friday Dolls! I'm going to keep it short this post. I hope guys have a fabulous weekend and enjoy yourselves!


           THE HAREM

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Caged In....

Leather Jacket: H&M (Got On Sale but similar here). Striped shirt: Forever 21+ (similar here). Acid Wash Jeans: Forever 21+( similar here). Red Spike Pumps: Random Find (similar here). Spike Necklace: Zara (Got on Sale but similar here). Claw Bracelet:Shoptiques. Leather bracelet w/silver hardware: Express (similar here). Spike cuff: Forever 21. Chain Link Bracelet: Vince Camuto (similar here). Nail Bracelet: Cartier. Red Bag: Gucci Disco Bag.

We all test different trends and styles, some we like, some we just wish we hadn't and some we repeat time again an again. With all trends it either repeats itself from some point of time or new ones form. So with my particular look I can't help but think of 80's grunge era. Not gonna lie but I was hesitant on these acid wash jeans but after pairing them with a couple outfits I couldn't help but think of Rhianna or Rita Ora. The whole grunge look from plaid shirts to acid wash jeans to leather pieces you can't help but think to get the whole "bad girl" persona. Like I have mentioned before there's nothing I love to do more then mix up my style and try new trends. My love for this trend is the mixing of the spikes, stripes, the pop of color and the silver accents. What trends are you guys currently trying or in love with? What trends do you guys not care for? Are you guys liking the acid wash jeans? What celebrity's tend to inspire your looks?

Xo Xo,

          THE HAREM


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Boss...

Sweater:Forever 21(similar version). Skirt: Forever 21+ (also here too). Necklace: Forever 21 (similar here). Sneakers: Ebay (similar here and here). Earrings: Random Find (Old but similar here). Watch: MK (similar here). Leather Bracelet: Random Find (Old but similar here). Nail Bracelet: Cartier. "H" Bracelet: Hermes. Spike Cuff: Forever 21. Screw Bracelet: Cartier. Bag: Chanel. Glasses: Chanel (Vintage Gma gave them to me but similar alternative pair here). Lipstick: MAC Lady Danger.

Well hello...its been awhile and I do apologize with the whole Valentines Day I was so thrown off and plus my guy surprised me and took me away this weekend so after wrapping my head around it all I'm finally back and all yours. So how was everyone's Valentines? Did everyone have a good one? For those that didn't always look to the next maybe this year just wasn't your year. Anyways on to business, this post. So....I'm loving all the mesh pieces out there right now from skirts to dresses to tops and to everything else they have possibly did with mesh. Honestly can't get sick of it. I think its so sexy and chic, no matter how you wear it. This particular ensemble I put together it didn't come together for some of you who might of thought it did. I first saw the skirt and then the sweater just came along after and what do you know pair the two together and it was history. I paired it up with a sneaker wedge to dress it down but yet play it up. I love how this outfit just screams like "I'm the Boss" meaning like I own it (LoL). I don't know why? or what it is, but maybe its the black on black or the black and gold details, who knows but I felt like a diva (As you can tell in the first picture, like who am I) (LoL). I don't know if you ladies ever put on something and you just know you own it, like you are just the supreme of all supreme . (LoL)

P.S. Finally the new post with my new lighter hair, thinking about going lighter but not sure yet.

                    THE HAREM

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Morning Prep....

Navy Blazer: Zara (cheaper find here). Plaid Shirt: Target (Old but similar here). Leather Cognac Skirt: The Limited (last season but craving this one here). Chunky Pearl Necklace: Ebay Find (but love this one here). Monogram Necklace: Max&Chloe. Watch: MK (similar here). Crystal Link Bracelet: Target (Sold Out but similar here.) David Yurman Cable Bracelet. Michael Kors Tortoise Shell Bracelet: Macys. Leather Bracelet w/gold hardware: Express (but similar here). Brown Suede Boots: Nine West. Knee High Grey Socks:Random Find (similar here).

As you guys know my style changes and one thing that doesn't change or always stays a classical in any kinda of look is the "Blazer". We all own at least one, and for me I  own quite a lot. I love Blazers in any color, style, or design I just feel like it makes the outfit chic and effortless some might just think that its just for professional wear but as you can see dress it down or up, it can be a transitional piece. This particular look I was inspired just by a Mens magazine cover. I love the mixture of a inspired Mens look with a touch of feminine feel. This Fall plaid has been all the rage and no matter how you were inspired to style it it. I'm sure you ended up owning something plaid.

So how were you inspired to wear your plaid trends? Did you guys get recently inspired by a picture or ad?


            THE HAREM

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Stay Fierce....

Grey Skinny Cargo Jeans: Express (Sold Out but similar here). Graphic T-Shirt: Express. Metallic Bomber Jacket:  Express. Flats: Old Navy. Watch: MK (similar here). Claw Bracelet: Shoptiques. Leather Bracelet w/rhinestones: Random Find (but similar here). Twisted Spike Cuff: Forever21. Snakeskin w/ rhinestones bracelet: Buckle (Really Old but similar here).

So guys I'm going to keep this post short. My outfit today kinda reflects what the day is today. A day to relax and be comfortable. So I vouched for this cute and comfy outfit today while running some errands and grabbing some lunch with some girlfriends. It would not be me not to add a fun lil piece to a causal outfit so I did just that.

Also excited to share with you guys that haven't seen on my Instagram that I got my hair done this Friday, so you will see those pics soon with my lighter hair. I hope you guys enjoy your Sunday.

Are you guys planning to do anything fun this Sunday? Did anyone do any significant changes to themselves?

PS: Going to Grab some of that Peter Pilotto for Target so excited. Will you guys be picking up some of that collection today?

Happy Sunday!


         THE HAREM

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sweater Weather...

Distressed Boyfriend Jeans: Old Navy. Sweater: H&M (love this fun one here) Denim Shirt: Old Navy. Necklace: H&M (loving this one here). Watch: Michael Kors (similar here). Twisted Spike Cuff: Forever 21. Studded Cube Open Hinge Bracelet: Express. Snake Print Cuff Bracelet: Random Find on a New York visit( but similar here). Multistriped Leather Bracelet: Tj Maxx Find (similar here). Shoes: Shoedazzle (old but similar to this pricey pair here). Gucci Disco Bag.

With the Winter months slowly passing us. I wanted to show you guys a causal side to my look with this fun little sweater I found at H&M. It was a little chilly this particular day so I decided to be layered but still cute. I tend to layer a lot no matter what the weather really is, just because I feel that it pulls the outfit together. I also feel that shoes and accessories tend to really pull an outfit together. So to play up the colors I decided on these cognac strappy little number…which in my opinion match perfectly! Don’t you just love it when it all comes together!? What are your fun pieces to wear this winter?? Do you like to layer up your looks?


          The Harem

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Rain Day....

 Trench Coat: Charlotte Russe (Really Really Old but similar one here but craving this one). Black and White Gingham Shirt: JCPenney(Old but similar here). Fox Sweater: Old Navy( Last season but similar here). Leather Skirt: The Limited (Got On Sale Last Season but lusting over this one).  Rain Boots: Sperry (craving these ones here). Monogram Necklace: Moon and Lola. Watch: MK (similar here). David Yurman Bracelet. Black Leather w/ Gold hardware: Express(similar here). Spiked Cuff: Forever 21. David Yurman Bracelet. Bag: Coach (Mom gave it to me)

Okay so I know what you guys are thinking, it sure doesn't look like it was raining. Well actually it was drizzling but the weather in Florida can change so fast here, its quite crazy. But any how some of you might not like be so layered up when in rains but for me I LOVE IT. Its actually a must for me really. I get so cold when it rains and I HATE to get WET so I vouch to be layered up. Some might take a different approach to rain weather. Some things are just essential on certain weather days for instance sunny days require shorts maybe sandals. Now on rainy days its essential to have a trench coat. Its so versatile as well as such a fashion statement. My Trench was pretty much a stumble of a find so I'm glad I have kept it so long. And as you Rain Boots, Oh my goodness are these bad boys such a key piece to have in ugly weather. I honestly don't know what I was wearing before I found these. So Ladies do you guys have must pieces that you wear in crappy weather or great weather? rain boots? a trench coat? sandals? shorts? How do you guys tend to dress when the weather is just not in your favor? or is in your favor?


            The Harem

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Burgundy Lust....

Waffle Knit Burgundy Sweater: Forever 21+ (similar version here). Burgundy Coated Jeans: Old Navy (Got on sale but similar here). Pointed Stud heels: Ebay (but similar here and expensive version here). Nude clutch: MK (but love this one here). 2 Headed spike bracelet: Forever 21. Nail Bracelet: Cratier. Hinge Buckle Bracelet: Hermes. Lips: MAC "Chesnut liner" w/ MAC lipstick "Snob". Rings: Forever 21 (love this one here).

Happy Weekend!!! Many of you guys I"m sure have had some crazy weather in your parts but Man, Oh Man! here in Florida its been up and down. My apologies for the lack of pictures this week but I could not get out and get pictures done. But any who its a new week so lets hope the weather is in my favor. So as many of you know this Sunday is the Superbowl and for some ladies it isn't so much about whose playing but 1) The deals that will be going on 2) What you will wearing to your Super Bowl Party's and 3) If your entertaining how will you be entertaining your Super Bowl Party. So this weekend I vouched for comfy outfits as you can see. I love pairing the same colors with each other with both color options being a different texture. I also kept it simple with the accessories. Some outfits just don't call for it so I left it to the arm candy and the shoes to do the talking. So...what outfits are you guys wearing this Super Bowl weekend? Will you guys be entertaining? Or will you guys be hitting the stores to do some shopping? Whatever you guys might be doing, Have a Happy and Safe Weekend..

            The Harem