Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Rain Day....

 Trench Coat: Charlotte Russe (Really Really Old but similar one here but craving this one). Black and White Gingham Shirt: JCPenney(Old but similar here). Fox Sweater: Old Navy( Last season but similar here). Leather Skirt: The Limited (Got On Sale Last Season but lusting over this one).  Rain Boots: Sperry (craving these ones here). Monogram Necklace: Moon and Lola. Watch: MK (similar here). David Yurman Bracelet. Black Leather w/ Gold hardware: Express(similar here). Spiked Cuff: Forever 21. David Yurman Bracelet. Bag: Coach (Mom gave it to me)

Okay so I know what you guys are thinking, it sure doesn't look like it was raining. Well actually it was drizzling but the weather in Florida can change so fast here, its quite crazy. But any how some of you might not like be so layered up when in rains but for me I LOVE IT. Its actually a must for me really. I get so cold when it rains and I HATE to get WET so I vouch to be layered up. Some might take a different approach to rain weather. Some things are just essential on certain weather days for instance sunny days require shorts maybe sandals. Now on rainy days its essential to have a trench coat. Its so versatile as well as such a fashion statement. My Trench was pretty much a stumble of a find so I'm glad I have kept it so long. And as you Rain Boots, Oh my goodness are these bad boys such a key piece to have in ugly weather. I honestly don't know what I was wearing before I found these. So Ladies do you guys have must pieces that you wear in crappy weather or great weather? rain boots? a trench coat? sandals? shorts? How do you guys tend to dress when the weather is just not in your favor? or is in your favor?


            The Harem