Saturday, February 1, 2014

Burgundy Lust....

Waffle Knit Burgundy Sweater: Forever 21+ (similar version here). Burgundy Coated Jeans: Old Navy (Got on sale but similar here). Pointed Stud heels: Ebay (but similar here and expensive version here). Nude clutch: MK (but love this one here). 2 Headed spike bracelet: Forever 21. Nail Bracelet: Cratier. Hinge Buckle Bracelet: Hermes. Lips: MAC "Chesnut liner" w/ MAC lipstick "Snob". Rings: Forever 21 (love this one here).

Happy Weekend!!! Many of you guys I"m sure have had some crazy weather in your parts but Man, Oh Man! here in Florida its been up and down. My apologies for the lack of pictures this week but I could not get out and get pictures done. But any who its a new week so lets hope the weather is in my favor. So as many of you know this Sunday is the Superbowl and for some ladies it isn't so much about whose playing but 1) The deals that will be going on 2) What you will wearing to your Super Bowl Party's and 3) If your entertaining how will you be entertaining your Super Bowl Party. So this weekend I vouched for comfy outfits as you can see. I love pairing the same colors with each other with both color options being a different texture. I also kept it simple with the accessories. Some outfits just don't call for it so I left it to the arm candy and the shoes to do the talking. So...what outfits are you guys wearing this Super Bowl weekend? Will you guys be entertaining? Or will you guys be hitting the stores to do some shopping? Whatever you guys might be doing, Have a Happy and Safe Weekend..

            The Harem