Thursday, February 20, 2014

Caged In....

Leather Jacket: H&M (Got On Sale but similar here). Striped shirt: Forever 21+ (similar here). Acid Wash Jeans: Forever 21+( similar here). Red Spike Pumps: Random Find (similar here). Spike Necklace: Zara (Got on Sale but similar here). Claw Bracelet:Shoptiques. Leather bracelet w/silver hardware: Express (similar here). Spike cuff: Forever 21. Chain Link Bracelet: Vince Camuto (similar here). Nail Bracelet: Cartier. Red Bag: Gucci Disco Bag.

We all test different trends and styles, some we like, some we just wish we hadn't and some we repeat time again an again. With all trends it either repeats itself from some point of time or new ones form. So with my particular look I can't help but think of 80's grunge era. Not gonna lie but I was hesitant on these acid wash jeans but after pairing them with a couple outfits I couldn't help but think of Rhianna or Rita Ora. The whole grunge look from plaid shirts to acid wash jeans to leather pieces you can't help but think to get the whole "bad girl" persona. Like I have mentioned before there's nothing I love to do more then mix up my style and try new trends. My love for this trend is the mixing of the spikes, stripes, the pop of color and the silver accents. What trends are you guys currently trying or in love with? What trends do you guys not care for? Are you guys liking the acid wash jeans? What celebrity's tend to inspire your looks?

Xo Xo,

          THE HAREM