Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Boss...

Sweater:Forever 21(similar version). Skirt: Forever 21+ (also here too). Necklace: Forever 21 (similar here). Sneakers: Ebay (similar here and here). Earrings: Random Find (Old but similar here). Watch: MK (similar here). Leather Bracelet: Random Find (Old but similar here). Nail Bracelet: Cartier. "H" Bracelet: Hermes. Spike Cuff: Forever 21. Screw Bracelet: Cartier. Bag: Chanel. Glasses: Chanel (Vintage Gma gave them to me but similar alternative pair here). Lipstick: MAC Lady Danger.

Well hello...its been awhile and I do apologize with the whole Valentines Day I was so thrown off and plus my guy surprised me and took me away this weekend so after wrapping my head around it all I'm finally back and all yours. So how was everyone's Valentines? Did everyone have a good one? For those that didn't always look to the next maybe this year just wasn't your year. Anyways on to business, this post. So....I'm loving all the mesh pieces out there right now from skirts to dresses to tops and to everything else they have possibly did with mesh. Honestly can't get sick of it. I think its so sexy and chic, no matter how you wear it. This particular ensemble I put together it didn't come together for some of you who might of thought it did. I first saw the skirt and then the sweater just came along after and what do you know pair the two together and it was history. I paired it up with a sneaker wedge to dress it down but yet play it up. I love how this outfit just screams like "I'm the Boss" meaning like I own it (LoL). I don't know why? or what it is, but maybe its the black on black or the black and gold details, who knows but I felt like a diva (As you can tell in the first picture, like who am I) (LoL). I don't know if you ladies ever put on something and you just know you own it, like you are just the supreme of all supreme . (LoL)

P.S. Finally the new post with my new lighter hair, thinking about going lighter but not sure yet.

                    THE HAREM