Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Totally RAD...

Black and White Bomber Jacket: Express (On Sale Now). T-Shirt: Express. Track Pants: Target. Shoes: Zara (Got on Sale but similar here). Bag: Zara (Got on Sale but similar here). Black Bracelet w/silver hardware: Random Find (but similar here). Nail Bracelet: Cartier. Watch: MK (similar here). Spike Cuff: Forever 21. Rings: H&M.

Well I hope everyone had a good weekend and I know its kinda weird saying that on a Tuesday but I was a little under the weather on Monday so hence the reason why I'm posting on Tuesday. Went to the Food and Wine Festival here in Orlando and I have to say I had a really great time. Hung out with some friends and family. All in all I'll probably do it again next year. Got to experiment with a lot of new types of wines and got to taste some great food. And no one can pass those two up. Right?

So moving on from my weekend and on to this post I vouched for a comfy slash sporty slash still a little edgy. I love how these track pants or hammer pants whatever you guys might call them, are a real staple in a women's wardrobe. Throw on a great graphic tee, some fun shoes and boom there you have an outfit. With these pants well not these in particular ones but this style they come in all sorts of colors, prints and textures. Some might think these aren't versatile but here in Florida or really anywhere there light weight and can go either dressy or casual.So with this being said how are you guys liking these pants? Would you guys wear them? Oh and  how was your guys weekend? Do anything fun?


            THE HAREM