Thursday, March 13, 2014

Neutral Palette....

Dress: H&M. Cargo Jacket: Forever 21(sold out but similar here). Fringe Necklace: H&M (old but similar here). Claw Bracelet:Shoptiques  . Leather Wrap Bracelet:Express (similar here). David Yurman. Leather w/ gold hardware bracelet:Asos (similar here). Knee High Boots: Forever 21.

I'M BACK!!! About time right?...Yes I know its been a long time. But first let me apologize,sometimes there isn't enough hours in a day. Some of you guys might not know blogging takes a lot of work. But that's another blog post to talk about. Anyways on to the post and whats been going on.

So lets start by updating you guys a little on whats been going on and let you guys all know why I haven't blogged in awhile. Well the sweetie and I took a road trip to visit his family and  that in itself took forever but it was quite the adventure. But the real highlight of this trip was, I got ENGAGED!! While up North, my sweetie decided to surprise me and get on one knee and I could not be happier so you can see why I haven't blogged in awhile.OH and for you guys that are curious I did take some pictures of some of my winter attire up in Boston. While it was cold and snow was still present I still managed to stay warm but quite stylish, I would say (Lol). Its still been a world wind but I'm finally glad I got to be back and post finally. Stay tuned on my Engagement/Wedding journey. I'm excited to start this adventure and I couldn't be happier.

Well switching gears, this outfit merely just was a coincidence. I had these items but to be honest I didn't think to put together until I saw it on a Forever 21 mannequin. I find this hilarious as I love finding inspirations from place to place and build an outfit on what I have. I seem to  sometimes have the same exact items but just don't seem to think to put together that way. I love the neutral palette and this seems to be such the rage for Spring. Light, pastels, neutral tones. I definitely am very excited to play with this neutral trend and try many new looks. What looks are you guys planning on trying? Do you guys like the neutral/pastel trend? What trends have you guys came across this Spring?


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