Friday, April 18, 2014

The Truth in Stripes...

Top: Forever21+. Striped Skirt: H&M(bought in store but similar online). Strappy Sandals: Zara. Clutch: Forever 21(got on sale)(similar here).  Watch: Michael Kors (similar here). Chain Link bracelet: Vince Camuto (similar here). Leather bracelet: Express (similar here). Nail Bracelet: Cartier. Spike Necklace: Forever 21 (similar here). Sunglasses: Guess (similar version).

Okay so lets face it not everyone is a big fan of stripes. But for me I have never been one to understand that. To me its all about how you style it and I can't emphasize that enough. Many of the ladies I style, I always here one thing when I pick up stripes, "Oh stripes are gonna make me look fat" and I just wanna scream when I hear that. I don't where this came from. I guess the same person who said you can't wear white after labor day, ((shaking my head)) Stripes can literally work for any one short, tall, petite or plus. Top or Bottom and the Stripe size is all essentials. You have to know your body and be willing to try it. So many people have these misconceptions when it comes to stripes or any patterns really but its all how you wear it and you cant forget how you flaunt it.

With this look I toned it down for a more casual look but you cant defiantly take this look to night by transitioning your top to a more fitted top and your heels maybe to a higher heel that's closed or open. You can't forget accessories so I would wear more of a statement piece.

So do you ladies have any misconceptions of certain patterns, styles or even trends? Do you ever think certain things aren't going to work for you without trying?


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekend Wear...

Dress: Old Navy ((On SALE now!!)). Gladiator Sandals: Zigi Soho (sold out but similar here). Bag: Zara. Watch: Michael Kors (similar here). Crystal Link Bracelet: Target. Leather Bracelet w/Gold Hardware: Random Find (similar here). David Yurman Cable Bracelet. Leather Bracelet: Express (similar here). Stack Rings: Forever 21 (similar here).

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone has a good Sunday!

P.S. Wishing I was at coachella :( so I decided to bust out my Gladiators (LoL)


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bubblegum Yumm.....

Dress: Old Navy (old but similar here). Jacket: Zara (last season on sale but similar here). Necklace:Tj Maxx (similar here). Clutch: MakeMeChic (old but similar here). Shoes: Forever21. Watch:Michael Kors (similar here). Bracelets: Random finds (found so many similar styles here, here, here, and here).

Everyone and their mom knows I’m obsesssedd with bold prints and vibrant colors. I don’t get why some people are afraid to wear bright colors/prints – they are so fun! I think I love bold colors so much because you can make a bold statement. I’m a over-accessorizing kind of gal. I love when my outfit and accessories  can both make a fun statement! This fun hot pink neon dress from Old Navy happened to be such a rare find. Do you guys ever happen to walk into a place except to come out with nothing and then BOOM you found something like hidden? Bright colors are every where no matter it be Spring, Summer you can always find people wearing pop of color. You can wear this dress a simple or dress it up (like I did!).  There are so many great ways to wear a bold color dress so have fun with it! Rock it!! Have you guys came across any good color finds???


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"A Night In Destiny"....

Happy Weekend Everyone! I finally got most of all the pictures from my very movie themed engagement party. Besides from this post making everyone hungry I wanted to share with you guys all why I decided to go with this theme. Me and my other half love going to the movies or just staying in and watching movies so we thought this was a great reflection of us as a couple as well as something fun for our guests. Some background info if I haven't shared already, my other half is Colombian and I am Persian so we wanted incorporate that with some of the food. Also me and him have been together for about 6 years and also met a night club ((corny and cliche as that is)) yes a  night club. So you see it would only be fair to name the production "A Night in Destiny" because the night club we met was called Destiny ((I know cheesy, I know)). I incorporated a lot of us and our history together because I wanted our guests and close family to have fun as well as see a little into our journey together. Just like my engagement photos my Sister, who is my maid of honor and my best friend a bridesmaid of mine were my two arms and I can't express it enough that this would not be possible without there help. So I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed myself last weekend.

Do you guys have any themed festivities coming up or planning on going to any?


Friday, April 4, 2014

He Put a Ring On It!!

Dress: Old Navy. Denim Jacket: Forever 21+. Sandals: Zara. Watch: Michael Kors (similar here). Bracelets: Random Find (similar here and here). 

Finally! I'm back. I apologize for my long absence well at least it feels like its been a very long time. This also might be a long post. I wanted to share some of my engagement pictures with you guys from this past weekend. You will not believe it but these are not professional(( I know right!)), my sister and best friend actually took these. Some were taken with my Nikon and some with the iPhone 5s. I know I couldn't believe how great these turned out. I'm so happy how they came out. I literally could not do it without those two. These were taken out a local park and the picture ideas some were taken from pinterest (I dont know how any of us would survive without it). As for my outfit I wanted to keep it simple as I wanted us to both match and play up the white like you would on a wedding day. I hope you guys enjoy these as much as I did. Be sure to check out my instagram for more pictures.

P.s. I also will be sharing on my next post some of my pictures from my very Movie themed engagement party so stay tuned.