Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"A Night In Destiny"....

Happy Weekend Everyone! I finally got most of all the pictures from my very movie themed engagement party. Besides from this post making everyone hungry I wanted to share with you guys all why I decided to go with this theme. Me and my other half love going to the movies or just staying in and watching movies so we thought this was a great reflection of us as a couple as well as something fun for our guests. Some background info if I haven't shared already, my other half is Colombian and I am Persian so we wanted incorporate that with some of the food. Also me and him have been together for about 6 years and also met a night club ((corny and cliche as that is)) yes a  night club. So you see it would only be fair to name the production "A Night in Destiny" because the night club we met was called Destiny ((I know cheesy, I know)). I incorporated a lot of us and our history together because I wanted our guests and close family to have fun as well as see a little into our journey together. Just like my engagement photos my Sister, who is my maid of honor and my best friend a bridesmaid of mine were my two arms and I can't express it enough that this would not be possible without there help. So I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed myself last weekend.

Do you guys have any themed festivities coming up or planning on going to any?