Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Blue Forest...

Dress: H&M. Kimono: Cotton On (old but similar here). Fringe Necklace: H&M (old but similar here) Cuff: Forever 21 (old but similar here). Fringe Bag: Tj Maxx (old but similar here). Shoes: Just Fab.

Have I told you guys how much I love my bohemian styles when its hot outside. I swear I channel my Rachel Zoe. So with Memorial Day approaching and with Summer creeping, I love the simplicity behind a outfit in the hotter months. Both the dress and the kimono are simple pieces but pairing them together I just felt that these two combinations were just effortless. Like I have mentioned before on the weekends I like to be out and about but with that I feel like I'm so rushed to get dressed. That I need to be quick when I pick an outfit. I know your probably thinking why do you feel rushed but its the whole sense of feeling like your gonna miss out on a beautiful day and another is my significant other half the time is rushing me to hurry. So you see why I go for an effortless look? Do you guys tend to go for easier pieces? Do you guys channel a certain trend or look during certain times of the month? Do you guys feel rushed over the weekends?


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Scarf Print

Dress: Ann Taylor (sold out but similar here). Shoes: Zara. Tassle Necklace: Forever 21( similar here). Studs: Gorjana. Bracelets: 1) Tj Maxx (similar here). 2) Hermes. 3) Tj Maxx (similar here) 4) Michael Kors link bracelet. Watch: Michael Kors (similar version here). Bag: Gucci.

I instantly fell in love with this neutral scarf print dress when I saw it on Ann Taylor. So in love I hunted it down in another state, yes you heard me, another state. When I'm on the hunt for that one piece I just won't give up till I find it. This dress is something I definitely catch myself wearing not only professionally but casually. Do you guys have those pieces? 

I honestly was looking for something I can wear professionally and casually. As much as I love my colorful fun prints I love having just a neutral print where its effortless to put together. For the ladies that don't care for such a crazy (cough cough my sister) (who go the same dress too) print this is a must. Do you guys seem to go for prints that are effortless? Do you guys like the scarf print?


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Copper Eyes..

Open Knit Cardigan: Forever 21 (sold out but very similar here). Tank: H&m (sold out but can do this alternative top too). Pants: H&m. Sandals: Just Fab. Bag: H&m (Sold out but similar here). Necklace: Charlotte Russe ((very old but similar here)). Cuff: Charlotte Russe ((very old but similar here)).

So ladies I don't know about you guys but on the weekends I love being out and about may it be the farmers market, catching up with a girlfriend over lunch or just simply being out and about. With that being said I look for something that is comfortable but still very chic. I like my outfits during the hotter months to be a little flowly and not so much clingy. I obsess over anything with a flowy fabric may it be pj pants or pj type shorts. I tend to go more for my boho vibe. I feel that its such an easy trend to dress up or down. Do you ladies have a go to style or look during the weekends? What are your go to pieces for your weekend attire?

FYI: Wanted throw this is in last minute because I couldn't not stop laughing. So at times with any post I tend to ask the significant other of mine for suggestions of titles for the post and sometimes the most random things can come out of his mouth, like this title for instance. So hope you guys enjoy! :)


Friday, May 16, 2014

Skorting It...

  Jacket: Zara (sold out but love this one too). T-Shirt: Express(Sold out but love this one here). Skort: Express. Nike Free Run: Sports Authority. Link Necklace: Dkny (found it at Tjmaxx but similar here). Bar necklace: Forever 21 (similar here). Bracelets: 1)Link Bracelet: Vince Camuto (similar here). 2) Studded Bracelet: random Tjmaxx find (but similar here). Watch:Michael Kors (similar version). 3) Express (similar here)

You guys may have noticed the skort trend kicking in high gear in the recent months with so many colors and prints coming out. To be honest when this skort came back I had a flash back to my days in elementary school when I wore these. I sometimes hesitate on things I might of worn in lets say in middle school or elementary because it just brings me back to those days or I feel like I'm too old for them now. I don't know its crazy saying it being that I'm a blogger and I'm suppose to experiment with trends. Do you guys ever catch yourselves having flash backs to trends coming in?

I feel that a lot of trends I either test or I don't even go there. Why you ask? well with being a shorter gal and a little more on the curvy side. I tend to look for things that, how shall I say "work for my body type". Growing up I have always been a thicker girl so I knew some things I couldn't wear for instance the whole high waisted shorts or crop tops, I mean don't get me wrong if you can pull it off then more power to you. Its all about what works for you. So I was thrilled to see this  skort came in my size. I decided to try it out and I really liked it. Defiantly for a casual day like today but don't get me wrong I can totally dress this up too. I love days where I don't have to wear heels 24/7, where you can throw on a pair of sneakers or flats and make an outfit. Do you guys have those kinda outfits? Are you guys digging the skort trend?

PS: Sorry for the faces, I needed to bust out the glasses but I totally forgot.


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Orange Fever.....

 Dress: Express. Necklace: Zara. Shoes: Aldo. Jacket: Forever 21 (old but similar here). 1) Bracelet: Forever 21, 2) Forever 21 (old but love this one here). Earrings: Gorjana Chloe Stud. Bag: Gucci.

Hello Everyone! How's Everyone doing?  Finally I was able to get out and take some pictures this week and I'm late posting of course. With "Life" happening its been hard to be consistent so I'm vowing to "TRY" really hard to be consistent this week. But anyways onto this post today, Oh I almost forgot I wanted to give you guys a FYI. Since I wear so many braclets and I do love my arm candy  I decided now that I'm going to list them as kinda a 1, 2,3 in case you guys wanna shop the bracelets. I think it would just be easier that way to go through the shops and see the bracelets for themselves. So that's a little housekeeping that I wanted to throw out there. NOW...onto the look, with every season passing by I tend to get hooked with either a color or print or style. So with this season I'm  OBSESSING over orange and powder blue I don't know why you ask but I'm just loving these colors. So I'll be posting with my color obsessions in the near week.

So with this print I know some ladies have phobias of print because of the big misconception that prints don't flatter the body which I believe is a LIE! Don't get me wrong prints are not for everyone Like for instance my sister doesn't care for them unless she finds one she absolutely loves and flatters her. Me as you guys know love them and I don't know how many times I have expressed this on this blog. So when I saw this dress on I couldn't resist. Its so light weight and effortless for the scorching heat in Florida that you simply go from day to night or night to day. As I'm getting older...EEEK!! I'm trying to find pieces that are versatile to everyday life.

So with this season what colors are you ladies obsessing over? What styles can't you have enough of? And do you guys seem to be buying more different pieces now then you were?


Friday, May 2, 2014

Azteca Royale

Top: Forever 21+(similar style you can do). Skirt: Target (sold out but similar here). Shoes: Just Fab. Clutch: Forever21 (old but similar here). Cuff: Random Find (similar here). Necklace: Random Find (similar here). Ring: Forever 21 (old but similar here).

Happy Friday Everyone! TGIF right? so with the week ending had to go out with a fun colorful bang. I'm so in love with this skirt it took me forever to hunt it down after seeing it in Lucky Magazine but I was successful in doing so. As you  guys know and see I love colors and bold print its just summons me up. So anything with those combos is sold in my book!!

So moving on to  these shoes OMG! after seeing a couple of my blogger girls sporting it I knew I had to have so I got em (no brainer) they are super comfy and we all know what inspired these shoes.Well for you guys who don't know its Isabel Marant and we know with that comes a hefty price tag. As you guys know I'm such a big sucker for inspired pieces, to me it gets the same thing accomplished and you look still look like a million bucks wearing it.

Oh and I can't go without metioning, you guys know I'M SUCH A SUCKER for Target. I cant walk in that store without getting something or trying something its like Superman and Krypton (LOL). They just literally don't do wrong with there designer collaboration to their everyday pieces. So its total worth the nagging I get it when  I here when were in Target and the Finance and I are trying to grocery shop and I'm trying sneak off to try on stuff (LOL so doesn't understand).

Hope you guys have a great weekend dolls!