Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wide Legged...

Top: HM (similar style here). Pants: HM (sold out online but cute version here). Shoes: Zara (on sale now but sold out online, similar style here). Bag: Zara (old but similar here). Earrings: F21 (sold out online but great alternative here). Cuff: Tjmaxx find (different alternative here). Spike Bracelet: F21 (Sold out but similar here). Watch: Michael Kors (similar here). Cuff: Hermes.

So have you ever seen something and your like I cant pull that off but you end up grabbing it anyways and just trying it on just to see if looks that bad it did on the hanger. Well that's exactly what happened with these pants. I saw these at H&M and I had been eying this style for a quite some time considering everyone is wearing them. BUT I have only really seen them worn by really tall girls. You see my height and my built is catered for every kinda style and I'm well aware of that. So.. the journey began I took these into the fitting room and embraced myself for the image in the mirror and to my shock it wasn't bad. After doing the tip top pose for a little I told myself these can work. To be honest you can't just judge a pair of clothing on the hanger ((ha! just like the saying goes "never judge a book by its cover". 

I do have to say from the silky top to my silky feel bottoms it was like being in my pjs all day it was AMAZING!! I don't know if the picture does real justice on how cute these pants are but I liked them and that's all that matters at the end of the day anyways.

Have you guys ever gone through this? or do you guys not even pick that article of clothing? Do you guys dig the wide leg style?


Monday, July 7, 2014

Blue Tip...

Jacket: HM ((not available online but love this one here too)). Jumpsuit: Asos. Shoes: ShoeOcean. Clutch: F21 ((got on sale but love this one here)). Necklaces: HM and F21 ((similar version here)). Watch: Michael Kors. Bracelet: Right Arm) Express. Left Arm) Spike Cuff Bracelet: F21 (similar here). Express ((similar here)). Lips: MAC Ravishing.

 Hey there guys!! Hope everyone had a fabulous 4th! Hope everyone got to see all the colorful displays in the skies and ate some good food. Me and the finance hung with family this year and enjoyed the festivity's with them. How was your guys 4th?

Now on to this firecracker ((had to thrown this in)) of a jumpsuit,I found.There's something about white, may it be a dress, jumpsuit or shorts I just feel that its like a white canvas and its just waiting to be painted. Cliche but I just get so excited to dress any of my white pieces. I honestly had so many ideas on how to wear this romper but I opted to do this amazing printed blue jacket with these strappy blue heels that I have been on a hunt for awhile now after seeing a $300 dollar pair.

 This white jumpsuit was a must have because honestly it can go from Day to Night. And after finding it on Asos and then getting it on Sale with a discount code, I couldn't resist. After all every girl needs a great jumpsuit. How do you guys feel about white?? Do you ladies dig a good jumpsuit??


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Metallic Finish....

Jacket: H&M. Top: H&M ((similar here)). Shorts: Old Navy. Shoes: H&M. Necklaces: H&M/Forever 21((sold out similar version)). Watch: Michael Kors ((similar here)). Bracelets: 1) F21 (sold out). 2) F21. 3)F21. 4) Vince Camuto((via tjmaxx but similar here)). Bag: Chanel. Lips: MAC ((Lady Danger)).

Happy Hump Day Everyone!!

I have always loved black and gold I don't know why but I just love the combination something about it just screams out chic to me. And whats so funny my alum mater ((Idk if i spelt that right)) came to be the colors of black and gold ((GO KNIGHTS)) ((LoL)) anyways I have always been drawn to it. Even though I wear other combinations this seems to be one of my favorites. Pairing anything with that to me almost seems effortless.

 I been on a hunt for a gold finish something but didn't know what. Until I came across this beauty, I figured why not I can dress it up or down and its something to me that seems to be a staple, yes a staple! Its something fun and can be thrown on top of virtually anything. Every gal needs that fun piece may it be shoes or a jacket or a dress. But speaking of fun I been seeing espadrilles everywhere since last summer with the Chanel ones ((which I had to have of course ;) so when I came across these I thought its a great alternative to the sandal so I snatched them up. Even though Summer is going into full swing with July here and August rapidly approaching I'm always excited to see if anymore new styles will be become popular.

So are you guys digging the espadrilles? Do you guys tend to lean more to certain color combinations? 


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Heat...

Jacket: Asos (not sold as a set). Shorts:Asos. Shoes: Shoemint (love this option here). Bag: Forever 21 (old but love this one here). Bracelets: Forever21 (similar versions here and here). Watch: Michael Kors (similar version here). Necklace: Zara (On Sale Now).

So with this hot weather approaching rapidly, you cant help but wear shorts all the time. So with that being said why not make it colorful and coordinated (LoL). Sometimes I hesitate with putting an outfit like this together because I think maybe its too much but honestly I dress in what I like and what looks good. I fell in love with these shorts when I first saw them and I didn't know it came with a matching a jacket until looking through the site. Like I have expressed before I have totally been obsessing over the palm print and I just can't get enough. But Seriously what more can I ask for in this outfit, color, print and a matching blazer and short combo.

So with Summer getting on in full force what things are you obsessing over? Do you guys like the matching combo? Also how do guys like the white accents??