Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Heat...

Jacket: Asos (not sold as a set). Shorts:Asos. Shoes: Shoemint (love this option here). Bag: Forever 21 (old but love this one here). Bracelets: Forever21 (similar versions here and here). Watch: Michael Kors (similar version here). Necklace: Zara (On Sale Now).

So with this hot weather approaching rapidly, you cant help but wear shorts all the time. So with that being said why not make it colorful and coordinated (LoL). Sometimes I hesitate with putting an outfit like this together because I think maybe its too much but honestly I dress in what I like and what looks good. I fell in love with these shorts when I first saw them and I didn't know it came with a matching a jacket until looking through the site. Like I have expressed before I have totally been obsessing over the palm print and I just can't get enough. But Seriously what more can I ask for in this outfit, color, print and a matching blazer and short combo.

So with Summer getting on in full force what things are you obsessing over? Do you guys like the matching combo? Also how do guys like the white accents??