Friday, August 22, 2014

Take Me Away....

 Dress:Forever 21 (similar version here). Sandals: Forever21( similar version here). Hat: Authentic Panama Hat (similar style here). 

Well HELLLOOO!! I know I know I have been MIA for awhile from  my last post, what I forgot to mention was that I was leaving for Colombia. Now I was hoping I was going to post before I got to leave but I really just had no time. But I'm back after being sick and bug bites, I'm here to tell you guys all about it.

SO...yes I left for Colombia about 10 days for a vacation and as you all know my lovely significant other is Colombian. Now I have gone once before but like 5 years ago and OMG! did I have such a hard time packing this time, let me tell you! Besides the usual him telling me "don't pack too much" and "you don't need this and that" I vowed to go simple and for ME that was the hard part. I barely packed any accessories and what I wanted to pack just because I literally wasn't sure what are plans were. But I went with the flow and packed what I think I needed.

After all that being said I'm pretty bummed that I didn't get to actually take a lot of blog pictures #bloggerproblems but I did manage to get this shot in at a little small town up in the mountains. Besides not getting to take a lot of blog pictures I did take a lot of pics of what we adventured and if you follow me on Instagram you got to witness a lot of the fun things I got to encounter. I was so psyched about getting to witness a lot of the Festival of Flowers that partakes every year around August. I encountered alot of FIRSTS but nothing takes the cake like running off a mountain and parachuting yes! I did just that! This trip was phenomenal and I can't but thank my better half, my peanut ((inside joke LOL)) for planning this. 

Im finally doing better to post so hopefully I will get in the grove of things and show you all new looks with fall approaching.