Thursday, September 25, 2014

On the Hunt...

Jacket: Forever21+ (Old but similar style here). Top: Forever21+(Old but similar style here). Pants:Forever21+ (Old but similar style here). Shoes: Shoemint (Old but similar style here). RH: Cuff: Express (sold out but similar here). Leather Bracelet:Tj maxx find (similar style here).LH: Snakeskin cuff: Random find in NY (similar style here). Spiked cuff bracelet: Forever21 (sold out but similar here).Necklace: Tjmaxx find (similar here).

You might find what I'm about to say weird but I love to be layered and bundled up. May it be raining or cooler weather I just love throwing on a blazer, jacket, or cover up. Not only does it keep you a little warmer but just adds a little something to an outfit. I know what some of you are thinking and I know I live in Florida but to honest that doesn't phase me. I tend to always be on a good hunt for a good jacket or blazer. I have so many in array of colors, prints and styles, one might think I have a problem but to be honest I just tend to think it adds spazaz. 
So do you guys like to layer? do you guys tend to gravitate towards blazer and jackets? What pieces do you tend add on?


Monday, September 22, 2014

Rebel in Lavender..

Skirt:Forever21 (similar version). T-shirt: Old Navy. Jacket:Zara (Got on Sale last season but similar version here). Belt: Old Navy (not available online but similar here). Shoes: Zara (Old but similar here).RH: Bracelet: Tjmaxx find (similar here). Watch: Citizen. Bangle: Michael Kors. LH; Spike Bracelet: Forever21 (similar here). David Yurman Cable Bracelet. Leather Rhinestone Bracelet: Tjmaxx (similar here). Glasses: Guess (similar style).

 Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I was fortunate to get some shopping in this weekend and that's always a plus. I got some new fall shoes that I have been itching to get so I'm so thrilled to style some outfits and share with you guys. But now on to this outfit, I wasn't sure how I wanted to style this and to be honest wasn't sure I was going to keep it but I'm not going to lie I did see it on some of the runways this new york fashion shows so it enticed me to really style it. I went for a causal approach, I mean you defiantly can dress it up. So I'm curious to know do you guys dress down your dresser pieces? do you guys like to wear them casual?


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Salmon Touch...

Leather Top: Zara ((Got on Sale but similar version here)). Skort: Asos. Shoes: Zara ((Old but love this one here)). Bag: Tjmaxx (similar here). Necklace: Zara (Sold Out but similar version here). RH, Watch: Michael Kors (similar style here). Nail Bracelet: Cartier. LH, Spike Bracelet: Express. Spike Cuff: Forever21 (Sold out but similar version here). Bracelet: Hermes. 

I leave you guys with this quote I recently came across,  "Forget The Rules If You Like It Wear It". 


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Off the Shoulder...

Dress: Forever 21 ((Got on Sale but similar here). Fringe Necklace: Forever 21 ((Old but similar here). Clutch: Forever 21 (( Old but similar here)). Gladiator Sandals: DSW (sold out but similar here). Bracelets: Random Find (Old but similar here). Ring: Random Find (Old but love this one here). Panama Hat: Colombia (similar here)

Okay so to tell you guys the truth I originally wore this outfit during the labor day weekend but didn't have time to get in a blog picture. SO...hence my weak background. As some of you know, that follow other bloggers, who have confessed this themselves that we don't always have these outfits on at that very moment in time when we post them. Shocker I know!!, so some of looks I need to recreate because in that very moment I couldn't capture it  but anyways just wanted to give you guys a little blogger tid bit.

I have been contemplating on if I will be writing anymore for my posts. I was thinking just kinda making it just pictures but then I think that's so UN-personal. I don't know, I have a million ideas for this blog and little ol' me can only do so much. I have ideas on what I want to try to get out there for you guys but haven't yet decided so. If you guys have any suggestions let me know, I would love to hear them.

So...on to my look I always tend to gravitate towards sandals or flats on the weekend because I feel we all need a break from our beautiful heels sometime and with me I tend vibe towards my inner Bohemian Rachel Zoe looks during the weekends, just because its so effortless to me and so cool during these hot Florida afternoons. I don't about you guys but certain times call for certain things. So do you guys gravitate towards certain pieces in your wardrobe??


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Cater To It...

Top: Forever21 (similar here). Denim Shorts: Old Navy (similar here). Gladiator Sandals: DSW (love this style here too). Fringe Clutch: Tjmaxx find (similar here). Head Turban: Cotton On (love this one here). Bracelets: Old Navy and Tjmaxx (similar here and here).

I always find it hard taking outfit appropriate shots during certain months. Especially while most fashion bloggers are making there transitions to there sweaters and tweed pieces for the cooler weather, I'm still in sandals. I do have to say the downside to being a Floridan is our months don't always coordinate with the seasons and while most stores have stocked there shelves up with the new fall trends, we frankly can not begin to think of fall when we are still having summer weather.

I don't know if anyone runs into this problem or is it just me living here in Florida, but I sometimes have to take a step back and pause can I really buy that cute cable knit sweater or those leather pants. But then I always do and justify my reasoning behind my purchase later. But all jokes aside does this happen to anyone else?? I always wonder do the ladies in the northern parts run into this problem. I feel that some pieces, while I do have have certain things that one would question because I live in Florida. I want and need everything that can and cant  be so versatile here. But one can think of many reasons why wearing certain things can't be worn here or at this time but my problem isn't that I just sometimes can't seem to get to it all like I want because its so darn hot so I ask you ladies do we suck it up and just wear it or do we find clothes to cater where we live and the temperature??


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rapidly Approaching...

 Sweater: Forever21 (similar version here). Skirt: Zara ( Got on Sale but similar here). Shoes: Forever21 (Sold Out but love this one here). Clutch: Forever21 (Old but similar here).

Welp its here, the time where all fashionista hit the city of New York and enjoy what everyone loves, New York Fashion Week. While keeping up via internet and Instagram on all the lovely new trends coming for the season I can't help to think what you guys will be buying for not only for Spring but Fall? With the cooler weather rapidly approaching for some and not approaching for others, like myself, living in Florida. I may not experience all four seasons but I'm defiantly excited for whats to come, not only with what outfits I'll be sharing with you guys but I will be buying to show you. 

But I do have to say ladies with all the trends coming there's one to stick around all through spring and even fall, and that's the Palm Print. Ladies I know what your thinking "Girl you live in Fl no wonder why you would like it" well I'm here to tell you that this print is so so versatile, you wear it for the cooler months with a sweater and with maybe a crop top for the hotter months. 

I hope this time next year I can show you some lovely runaways ((FINGERS CROSSED)).

So any fashion trends you guys are loving from the runaways? ARe you guys digging the palm tree prints??