Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rapidly Approaching...

 Sweater: Forever21 (similar version here). Skirt: Zara ( Got on Sale but similar here). Shoes: Forever21 (Sold Out but love this one here). Clutch: Forever21 (Old but similar here).

Welp its here, the time where all fashionista hit the city of New York and enjoy what everyone loves, New York Fashion Week. While keeping up via internet and Instagram on all the lovely new trends coming for the season I can't help to think what you guys will be buying for not only for Spring but Fall? With the cooler weather rapidly approaching for some and not approaching for others, like myself, living in Florida. I may not experience all four seasons but I'm defiantly excited for whats to come, not only with what outfits I'll be sharing with you guys but I will be buying to show you. 

But I do have to say ladies with all the trends coming there's one to stick around all through spring and even fall, and that's the Palm Print. Ladies I know what your thinking "Girl you live in Fl no wonder why you would like it" well I'm here to tell you that this print is so so versatile, you wear it for the cooler months with a sweater and with maybe a crop top for the hotter months. 

I hope this time next year I can show you some lovely runaways ((FINGERS CROSSED)).

So any fashion trends you guys are loving from the runaways? ARe you guys digging the palm tree prints??