Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Over Thinking It....

Dress: Hm (old but similar here). Vest: Forever21 (old but love this one here). Boots: Shoemint (almost identical version here). Fringe Bag: Hm (similar style here). Necklace: Random Find (similar style here). Hat: Forever21 (love this option here). Dragon Claw Bracelet: Ebay(similar here). Ring: Forever21 (old but similar here).

Sometimes the simplest pieces can make the chicest outfit. I'm not going to lie but I tend to over think the "simple" which kills it for me or sometimes thinking its too blane. I like to take the "simple" and put a spin on it and I know sometimes the simplest pieces don't need to be dressed up because simply it does itself. But take this simple dress, yes you could wear this itself but for me it just isn't enough. When is something too much? Do you guys dress up your simple pieces? Do you guys just like the "simplicity" of an outfit? Does simple ever get boring?


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cool Down...

Dress: H&M. Cover Up: Walmart (similar style here). Boots: Forever21 (Old but love this style here). Necklace: Charlotte Russe (Really old but similar style here). Hat: Ebay ( love this one here). Bag:Forever21.Watch: Michael Kors (Macys sold out but similar here). Spike Cuff: Forever21 (sold out but similar here). Ring: Random Find (similar here). Dragon Claw: Ebay (get the same one here). Leather Bracelet: Random Find (similar style here). Bracelet: Old Navy (not sold online but similar here).

So finally its gotten cooler here in Florida but it been a long time coming. The temperature may not always be on my side with the season trends but I got to bust out the boots and hat finally. And I'm excited about bringing out more of my fall items. I'm more happy to get a break from the heat and, hoping it stays this way for awhile.

What items are you guys excited to bring out with the cooler temperatures??


Friday, October 10, 2014

Street Talkers....

Skirt: Asos. T-Shirt: Old Navy. Plaid Shirt: Forever21+ (similar style here). Faux Leather Jacket: H&M (similar style here). Fringe Bag: H&M. Necklace: Forever21 (sold out but similar here).  Boots: Forever21 (old but love this style here). Watch: Michael Kors (similar here). Bracelet: Tjmaxx (similar style here). Claw Bracelet: Shoptique. Pyramid Stud Bracelet: H&M (sold out but similar here). Spike Cuff: Forever21 (sold out but similar here). MAC Lipstick: Russian Red. 


Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Embellished Sweatshirt: Loft. Button Up: Old Navy. Skirt: Topshop(similar version here). Heels: Shoedazzle. Earrings: Hm. Bag: HM (sold out but similar here) Watch: Michael Kors (similar version here). Spike cuff: Forever21 (similar version here). Bracelets: Tj maxx and Express. Umbrella: London Fog,

Friday, October 3, 2014

Sequinely Casual..

Top:Forever21(sold out but love this fun version here). Jeans: Express (sold out but similar here). Sandals: Zara (Got on sale similar here). Bag: Zara (sold out but love this one here). Necklaces: H&M(not available online but similar here) and Charlotte Russe (similar here). Watch: Michael Kors (sold out but similar here). Spike cuff: Forever21 (sold out but similar here). David Yurman. Leather Bracelet: Tjmaxx (similar here). David Yurman.

So one of my girlfriends recently mentioned that I don't do enough "casual outfits" well I never thought of it. But I then went on to think "casual" can mean anything to any fashion lover. I don't know about you guys but I generally take "casual and put a little twist on it" now that doesn't mean I wear my heels 24/7 but maybe thrown on a blazer with jeans or wear skirt and flats, it all varies my mood. I don't always dress for a place or event, of course I take in consideration but it really depends on my mood.

Now what do you guys do for your "casual outfits"? Do you guys dress by your mood? 


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Rained Out...

Dress: Asos Sold out but similar here). Sneakers: Ross (similar here). Bag: Zara (old but similar here). Watch: Michael Kors (similar version here). Bracelet: Random Find (similar here). Necklace 1: Dkny (similar here). Necklace 2: Forever21 (similar style here). Claw Bracelet: Shoptiques. Stud Bracelet: Express. Lipstick: MAC Rebel

Sooo.. sometimes as a blogger you don't always have lets say a great background so you make do with what you have. This particular day my friend and I were suppose to go take blog pictures but the rain here in Florida has been literally none stop. So we comprised and took them around her subdivision ((cheesy I know! don't judge, I really wanted to get some shots in)). Anyways on top of that I could not get my facial expressions right, like always #bloggingproblems. I tried to do this whole Bad girl Rhianna face but it didn't work. UGH!! this post can literally go on about the negatives but lets look at the positives I got this post up for y'all didn't I? AND more positive things, this outfit. I found this dress on Asos on Sale and then my shoes are from Ross more of sale, which some brands make for $100's more so see not a total fail. So I made the best of it so hope you guys can too and enjoy the look even if its not the ideal backdrop ((LOL))