Monday, January 12, 2015

Style Resoultions..

Denim Skirt: ASOS (sold out but similar style here). Denim Shirt: Old Navy. Cardigan:F21(similar style here) Boots: Report Signature. Bag: Zara (old but have this one here too). Leather Bracelet w/gold hardware:Tjmaxx(similar here). Watch: Michael Kors (similar style here) Necklace: F21(similar here) Name Plate: Custom. Pic 2: Chanel Pin. Heels: Zara (old but love this one here).

Happy Monday! So with the new year and so many bloggers posting about there style resolutions, its got me thinking on my mine style. As a fashion/style blogger we hope to inspire others as well as express our own independent style. We often look at people and things and get inspiration to create that look or put our own spin on it. Well for this New Year I want to try to do just that. Get more inspiration shots where I show an image and try to recreate the image with just the things I have in closet. With that being said hence the post today. Many see things and don't dare to recreate because of many reasons, either being to scared to wear it, don't have the items, or simply thinking that they can't wear it because it won't look the same on them. That simply is the wrong attitude towards being inspired to recreate. Again I can't compare myself to these lovely ladies, all of them do have amazing style and bodies but I looked passed that and wanted to create something for myself with my pieces. I also created two versions a day and night version but you can really wear both whenever you like.

My style resolutions for this year I guess if I had to list them would be probably....

1. Trying More of a neutral palette; softer color combinations

2. New Colors that I don't typically wear

3. Minimizing my accessorie in take; from wearing accessories and buying accessories

4. Not Layering so much ((pains me to say this)) trying not to add always something on top.

5. Finding Cute Flats; Ladies don't get me wrong most all ladies love there heels but sometimes gotta give those feet a rest.

I'm sure theirs more but these are a few that I can think of that I want to really try to accomplish this year. So what are your style resolutions? How do you guys feel about recreate looks? Do you guys get inspired and try to recreate? Is that something you would like to see more of?

So which style would you recreate

1. Rhianna?
2. Kim K?
3. Beyonce?


Friday, January 9, 2015


Jeans: Loft. Sweater: Old Navy (sold out but similar here). Striped Button Down: Old Navy (old but similar style). Grey Cardigan: F21 (sold out but very similar style here) Heels: Sam Edelman. Watch: Michael Kors (similar style here). Spiked Cuff (F21 old but similar here). Hinge Cuff: Hermes. Tassel Necklace: Tjmaxx (similar style here).

I have been on such a neutral kick. And you guys know I will always love my prints and colors but there's just something about neutrals I have been leaning towards lately. Lots of greys and nudes is what I been going towards when picking something to wear. Anything you guys are leaning more towards when getting dressed?


Monday, January 5, 2015

Where did the time go...

Dress: HM old but similar here. Vest:F21. Necklace(s) Tjmaxx (similar here). Tjmaxx (similar here). Shoes: Ninewest. Bag:Michael Kors Nordstrom "Selma". Bracelet(s): David Yurman. Bauble Bar. F21(similar here). Tjmaxx(similar here). Watch: Michael Kors (Sold out but similar here).

 Velvet Romper: Loft. Velvet Blazer: HM (sold out but similar here). Dotted Tights:Target. Lipstick: MAC Russian Red

Happy New Year Lovelies!! I can't believe 2014 has came and gone. Its been awhile I know but during these times with the holidays all so relatively close its hard to get some time to get away and blog. So bummed I didn't get to get some holiday outfit shots in for you guys but hopefully moving forward I can do so. But Anyways onto New Years, how was every ones? Where did you guys go? What did you guys wear? I kept the outfit simple this  New Years as you can see I snapped a shot up above and as far as what I did my sister threw a party at her house and it was a great time with our closet friends and family. Hope your New Years was well spent like mine. Did you guys make any New Years Resolutions? Didn't really make a New Years Resolution this year well maybe just one, to be married. I really hope 2015 is a great one this year for everyone.

On to some old news I forgot to ask or mention about. How was everyone's Holidays? Did you guys travel? Did everyone have a good Christmas and Thanksgiving? Forgive me as I'm so late again. Like I said its all been a blur. Our Holidays were pleasantly spent with Family and Friends and Didn't ask for much.Man how time fly's... But onto to the New Year right? was just around this time last year I started this blog and to be completely honest with the New Year rolling around it has me thinking should I be blogging still? Blogging has always been something I wanted to do because its just what I love to do. Sharing my fashion and my take on the latest trends has always been my passion. But one problem I face is always being consistent. That's one of the hardest thing because of so many factors one not having a full time photographer. I been back and forth about just deleting all of my social media outlets but I haven't really decided as of right now if I'm going to keep blogging or shut it down or just showcase through Instagram or even just keep a photo diary and posting nothing underneath. I just wish I was further with my blogging adventures and I know if you speak to other bloggers they will tell you it takes time. As the famous quote goes "Rome wasn't built in a day" well being impatient doesn't help the situation. I would love to hear from you guys on your opinion. But for now I'm excited to showcase New Outfits for this  new year.