Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Minimalistc Approach...

Leather Jacket: H&M (old but similar here). Sweater: Old Navy. Jeans: Old Navy (old but similar here). Boots: Vince Camuto (on sale now). Bag: Zara (Old similar here). Necklace: Forever21 (old but similar here). Hat: Forever21 (similar style). Rings: H&M (old but similar here).

With the most of the Northeast being an Ice box, us here in little old Florida are getting some of th chill brisk climate as well. I'm not complaining! any excuse to be cool and bundled up sounds great compared to the unbearable heat. Being born up North and being raised here most of my childhood I defiantly miss the cooler climates. The fiance was born and raised in Boston and he defiantly misses the cold. We have been contemplating for sometime to move back up North and I know some of you reading this are probably like "Are you Nuts?" but I honestly don't mind it. Seasons, and the occasional snow storm or two I don't think I would complain who knows maybe in a year or two when I'm freezing my butt off I'll be regretting that I wrote this. Anyways for now were here so I'm taking advantage of the minimal layering.

As I have mentioned before in my last post I'm taking a minimalistic approach. Still chic and tailored but not so busy I guess. As you guys know I don't have a set sty..le if I like it and it looks good then I'll wear it. But for some reason been drawn to the very" Euro" way of dressing if that makes any sense. Neutral colors, statement pieces and little edgy swag. Anyways with that being said I vouched for a simple day to night outfit that defiantly can transform with a little tweeks, big bag to clutch, darker lip, bolder eye and BOOM BOD BAM your set for a night look. I sometimes catching myself having no time to change so I quickly make some minor adjustments and there you have it.

So do you guys make tweeks with your daytime outfits? Are you guys leaning more towards a different style this year? Are you guys liking to colder weather?

FYI: wedding plan has taken most of my time now a days so blog posts will be very scarce; so sorry!


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Venturing Out..

Leather Skirt: Kardashian Collection. Turtleneck: Old Navy. Moto Jacket: Old; F21 but similar here. Chanel Pin. Boots: Old; Ross but similar here. Bag: H&M similar here.

Keeping with my Style Resolutions I opted for a neutral palette. But for me keeping it neutral meant I got to play up my textures. My skirt is Leather, boots suede and you get the drift. I have really been leaning towards a much neutral and simplistic way of dressing. Again don't get me wrong I still will do color but I just been more mute about it. I don't know I think as you get older your style tends to evolve as so I think. I definitely am not buying trendy pieces as when I was like in my late teens but pieces that are gonna last me into my 30's. 

As you guys know I don't care where I buy my things as long as a couple things follow, it fits me well, it holds up good, I like it and its reasonably priced ((I don't always seem to follow the last rule)) So I always venture to other stores I don't tend to regularly shop at and Sears being one of them. I checked out there Kardashian Kollection and I have to say those sister have really made clothing to fit a women's curve. I was happy to see this beige little number and tried it on and the next thing you know, it was coming home with me. So never hesitate to shop stores you have never been to or try brands that you typically wouldn't pick up. My motto is always give things a try and see if you really like it or hate it. What stores and brands are you guys willing to try? Ever venture into a store expecting not to get something and you end up walking out with something?

Oh FYI finally went through with it and changed my blonde ombre locks to my natural hair color. What do you guys think?