Style Harem is a fashion focused blog that I have dreamed about putting in works as long as I can remember. Style Harem not only for me is to express my love for all things print, color, and bling but to show all my viewers that dressing up for any occasion is fun!

The Encouragement behind starting Style Harem was my closet friends and family (of course) they saw that people like you, were complimenting my looks and wanted to where I got things, So....Style Harem was born.

Style Harem is no ordinary blog, One would say my Love for fashion is OBSESSIVE and always fascinated with new trends. One thing I want every viewer to get from my blog that I am certainly no size 2 (and that's great if you are!) but I know that I been chubby my whole life and I have never let that get in my way. I feel every girl, any size should dress in whatever they want as long as they can make it work for their body type and they love the threads there in. Fashion is always coming out with new styles and new trends but how will you make it work for your body? I tell everyone being confident and really owning it when you put that tutu skirt on or polka dot jeans on, that don't worry about the haters, just love the skin your in. So you will see I only wear things I love and want to make work for me. Feel free after seeing this blog to get motivated and dress up everyday.